::Fans vs Anti-fans::

bosan2 td layan fb jap.. saja usha2 page anti fans.. hurm.. mcm2 karenah peminat ni kan..
actually, artis or idol bkn la perfect sumenye.. just accept them for who they are.. no need to bash others if you don't like.. aku pn ada gak x bape nk suka certain artis tp xdela smpai nak jd anti since aku taw xde faedahnye pn

aku ada baca beberapa reason y diorang list (anti-fans) nih la.. one of the reason is fan wars.. haha.. because of fans, the idols also get dirt on them.. so, unfair.. kalu x suka, senyap2 sudah.. xpyh tgk.. pe susah2 nak tgk artis yang kita x suka kan? nape nk publicly comment and hurting others.. 

I'm not biased to any group of idols since I love their musics and talents.. it's true that some of them are not very much talented but considering the effort they did actually is better than judging how they gain their popularity rite?
ingat senang ke nak bertahan dlm fierce competition skrg..
ttbe rasa mcm nak emo je
aku plak y sakit hati ngan komen2 anti fans even though aku bukan fans diorang..

Whatever, this is just personal thoughts
No offence...
Everyone has their own preferences...
So, just respect other's opinion...
Still, keep yourself in control..
Try not to hurt others k..

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