My Favourite Kpop Song List

Hi everyone

I learned about Hallyu wave since in 2008..

started with DBSK Purple Line that really makes me like WOW!!! so cool (BGM So Cool SISTAR)

haha.. after that, I knew Wonder Girls through their famous song, Nobody.. ♫ I want nobody, nobody but you.. 

then it spread out into the new world of Kpop...

1. Complete by SNSD (very nice song ^^)
2. Dear mom by SNSD
3. Love Light by CN Blue
4. Gee by SNSD
5. Oh! by SNSD
6. Born to be a Lady by SNSD
7. Banmal Song Yongseo version HD Yongseo duet KPOP Niigata
8. Purple Line by DBSK
9. Tell Me Your Wish by SNSD
10. Mister by KARA

and of course, my forever favorite couple photo, Yongseo couple 

this list actually not based on my bias groups or what.. It just the fact that I love the beat of the song that really can makes my heart beats faster each time I listened to those songs.... and I really love the song with beautiful lyrics...
well, everyone has their own taste :) peace
how about you??

Drama of the Month

I totally recommend this korean drama, Scent of a Woman 

the story is about an unmarried woman with an ordinary lifestyle faced with extraordinary challenges in her life...

Lee Yeon Jae, is diagnosed with the terminal cancer that she only has a short time left to live. She decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest...

She meets Kang Ji Wook who falls for her during her luxurious holiday. Their hearts grew fonder after spending some precious time together.

the solid story line of this drama gives the emotional and romantic feeling acted by the great actors and actress, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook, as the main characters.

actually this part reminds me of 'goguma' couple.. the necklace :)

Watch it now! Scent of a Woman Eng Sub 


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