::aktiviti hilang bosan::

petang nih, aku bosan gile.. so, aku pn cari idea nak men pe ptg ni.. then, aku jumpa pokok pe ntah kat tepi jalan... bila imbas balik zaman kanak2 riang dulu, aku selalu je main ngan pokok ni.. bila rendam dlm air je, benihnya akan 'pop' out... so, kita layan je wat ilang tension2 duk umah.. keke

actually, aku xtaw pe nme pokok ni... hehe.. sorry
amacam, bunyi macam bertih jagung kan? sory, imej x bape clear
and sory gak sbb byk beno background sounds kat dlm vid tuh.. haha
just for fun!
p/s: kalu ada sesiapa y taw pasal pokok ni, sila la share ea.. :)

update: berdasarkan morfologi dan aspek botani, aku rasa pokok ni merupakan pokok hempedu bumi
banyak khasiatnya (pokok herba rupenya).. hehe
ni link untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang khasiatnya..
khasiat hempedu bumi
yang ni ada ngan gambar sekali
Pokok hempedu bumi

Kak Wan:::happy birthday sis =.=



since today is a lovely day for my sis, Kak Wan Nur Azlin.. I wish all the beautiful things happen to her on this remarkable day... as I knew her, i found that she is very considerate as well as a very good listener... thanks for being my new 'kakak' in our class.. and I'll always cherish you more and more~ love you.. may Allah bless...


ubi keledek bakar:::

disebabkan Tok Su tanam ubi keledek kat rumah.. automatik aku pun dapat tumpang sekaki makan ubi.. hehe.. aku dan adik aku bakar ubi tadi.. sedap hingga menjilat jari.. makan panas2 agi.. aduhai, nikmatnya, alhamdulillah...
adik tolong jaga bara api... blh la masak sate pasni
ubi y x masak2 lg.. ponat den nunggu

ubi yang dah masak x sempat nak capture sbb excited sgt dpt mkn =,=
have a nice day

110710 Kenshi Hamamoto totally blown away, apologized for calling SNSD an idol group

my girls
On June 30th, Kenshi Hamamoto wrote on his blog, “I started to have interest (in them) since last autumn” and “After watching Kara’s ‘Mister’ PV, I found it interesting so I checked on K-pop. I was immediately attracted by SNSD when I saw them. They have great songs and PVs. Although I had no interest in idols back then, it was the first time I got into it.”

He also wrote, “Yesterday I went to the concert that I was really looking forward to. Seeing their faces from a good distance and seat, my heart pounded with excitement. All 9 of them were beautiful. Even though I’m a fan of Taeyeon and Tiffany, all of them are good because everyone has their own unique characters. I think Hyoyeon’s live performance yesterday was better than what I’ve watched on videos.”

In addition, he added, “I changed my mind the moment solo stages started. What? These are female idols. I couldn’t believe they’re from Korea. The quality was really high, each member could also perform their solo choreographies and songs well. I was speechless when great performances just kept on coming up. So this is what we called flawless. What more can we demand from an idol group. I’m starting to feel sorry for calling them idols. I thought they were something more than a female dance and vocal group.”

Lastly, he stated, “As someone who deals with music just like them, I even felt a little worried for myself looking at how much they have practiced. I couldn’t believe that 9 girls in the early 20s can do great such great things. How much time they’ve spent to produce such choreographies and songs, how much energy and health they had sacrificed for their schedules, and how much stress they’ve undergone to strive in a foreign country, the answers to these questions are beyond my imaginations”.

He also added, “I respect all 9 of them. I think they have put in many times of others’ efforts into their years of hard work. I was also motivated by this. In the future I wish to watch more of SNSD’s live performances, they are great.”

Credit: newsen.com
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com
"I'm proud to be SONE".. hahaha


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