[Lyrics] Imagine '상상 from CN Blue


[Lyrics] Imagine '상상'

처음 순간 꿈인 같았어
천사처럼 예쁜 미소 때문에~
그런 니가 나의 사랑이 되면 어떨까?
상상만으로도 행복해 지는걸~

매일 너를 상상해
서로의 반쪽되는 우릴 상상해
서로 닮아 가는걸~ oh~
나의 꿈들이 이루어지기길~

나는 너를 사랑해
사랑이 돼줘 너를 사랑해
용기내~ 고백 할게 oh~ oh~
You're my imagine love~


[Lyrics] Imagine '상상'
When i first saw you it was like a dream
Because of your angel-like smile
I wondered what it would be like if you became my love
Just imagining it makes me happy~

I imagine (think) about you everyday~
I could imagine us coming together
We're becoming alike~ oh~
I hope this dream come true~

I love you....
Be my love, i love you
Have courage, i will try to confess oh~ oh~
You're my imagine love~

When I first saw you, it was like a dream
Because of your smiles which are like that of an angel
If this you could become my love, what would I do
Just thinking about that had me feel so happy

I will let you know
I'm imagining you
Imagine you looking at a smiling me
You who are holding my hand~ Oh~ Oh~
Under a spell you become my love
Imagining you, imagining you sleeping in my arms
You're kissing me~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly

In a white house on a small green green hill
We are sitting on a yellow swing
I serve you morning coffee when
you wake up in the morning

I imagine to be with you every day
Imagining myself holding you~ Oh~ Oh~
Imagining sweetly

Every day we can imagine our being the other's half
We imagine that
we become more and more alike
My dream will come true

I love you, be my love
I love you, I pluck up my courage and confess
Oh~ oh~
You're my imagine love

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