Benci vs Suka
dalam hidup ni susah kita nak tafsirkan perasaan sendiri.. nak suka ke nak benci , like or dislike..
dl persoalan ni pernah gak bermain dalam fikiran yang x bape nak matang nih.. apa reason aku suka kat sesuatu?

and sometimes my feeling isn't right by hating someone or something that I even don't know well..maybe it just a sort of feeling that all of us may experienced even a bit of hatred and love..kalu aku sendiri, cara aku membenci seseorang y pling obvious bila aku akan mengelak dari berhadapan dgn orang tuh.. sbb aku takut aku maki- hamun orang tu dlm hati nt.. better preventing than cure rite?

but then, I'll try to figure it out which side of she/he that I don't like.. sometimes, just by looking to other's faces may cause me to get annoyed easily.. depends on my mood and emotions at that time.. after thinking deeply inside my heart and brainwash a little, I will try to get rid all those negative thoughts about her/him.. and try to get close with them in friendlier way.. well, that is my style to overcome this 'masalah hati'.... alhamdulillah, until now, I still be able to get over my hatred or any dislike others to minimum level.. hehehe

hurm, susah gak nak control hati ni.. sape y punya hati bersih tuh bersyukur la..
bila hati bersih, kita pn jadi lebih tenang
hidup kena enjoy.. jgn mudah membenci sesuka hati.. kalu kita sayang org, org pn akan syg kita.. :D

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