Aku jumpa series baru yang menarik!!!

Di dalam kekalutan dan serabut dengan semua test dan assignment yang menjerit melolong minta disiapkan...

sempat lagi aku menjadi pencuri masa (TIME IS GOLD)
dengan melayani series baru 'Once upon a time'

kalau rasa mcm nak tengok, korang leh tgk online kat ABC network.. aku nak explain dlm English aci je kan? :)

Once Upon a Time is an adaptation from the 'fairy tale' characters which have been brought by the Evil Queen to our own world (reality)... in Storybrooke, Maine (jgn tanya sbb aku pn xtaw kat mana :)
After they entered this world, all of them are cursed to forget about their own characters they supposed to be....The characters remain in themselves actually without them noticing... there's no such happy ending in the real world.. that's what the Evil Witch want it to be...
Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison is Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter who was already predicted by Rumpelstiltskin to be the savior of the curse by Evil Witch..
So, what's next.. go watch by yourself and find some new excitement and uniqueness in this 'fairy tale modern stories'..have fun watching :)

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